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Passport & Visa Photos

Photo Prints

We believe that photos shouldn't just be confined to a phone or a computer, but deserve to be printed, kept, framed and displayed.

So when you're ready to print your favourite photos, from that special day or event, just pop into the store and we'll help you create exactly what you want in the size and quantity that you need to share with  your friends and family.

We're here to make sure you make the most of your best photographs and  we're never to busy to help.

Whitbys Photo Prints

Passport & Visa Photos

Need passport or Visa photos?


Come and see us in store for a stress free experience. We are a specialist in child and baby ID photographs and will take as many photos as needed to get the perfect shot.


We keep up to date with the latest requirements for every country, and can provide physical printed photographs for any country. We can also provide digital coded photographs for UK and Irish online applications, as well as various international e-visas.


We guarantee your photographs will be accepted for whatever you need them for, so you will never pay twice.

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Photo Restoration 

Have you got old, faded or damaged photographs?


We offer an expert restoration service to bring your vintage photos back to life for you and your loved ones to enjoy the second time around. Bring them to us for a  full restoration. 

We scan your photograph and then work on a digital copy, so your original will be preserved. Then we provide you with a brand new copy for you to love all again.  We can also provide you with a digital copy on disc or usb for you to make additional copies in the future


Just bring your old photos into the store and we'll give you a quote and a time line on the spot. You'll be amazed at the results.

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Film Processing

We process a wide range of film formats, including;  35mm, B&W, 120, 110, E6 (slide film) and APS.


We can develop, print and provide scans of your photos on a disc if required. We can also provide extra sets if needed.


If you have old negatives or slides tucked away, we can also produce new prints for you as well as digital copies to disc or USB Stick. 

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Transfer Services

We can transfer your precious memories from cine film, VHS or camcorder tapes to DVD. We quote for every job we undertake so you know how long it will take and what the cost will be.


Digital transfer to DVD preserves the footage from any future deterioration and offers convenient playback and storage. We only use high quality discs for optimum DVD player compatibility.


Extra copies of the discs can also be provided, either at time of transfer, or at a later date from the DVD copy.


So dim the lights, crack open the popcorn and get ready to enjoy those treasured home movies once again.

Fujifilm Transfer Cine & VHS 4-3 Screen

Photography Services

While we don't offer photography services ourselves, we do take great pleasure to recommend the services of local photographer Ally Berry.

Her passion is to help people feel good and look good in photographs. With some simple lighting and posing techniques she creates photographs that make you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

Her style combines fine art with modern photography and a hint of fashion thrown in. We thinks she's great, but don't take our word for it. Check out her portfolio for yourself via the link below.  

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 15.19.05.png